Saturday, June 29, 2013

Christian Lumenello's Lifeguard 5 km Dash on Ogunquit Beach

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must KEEP MOVING.
-Albert Einstein

So many people find pleasure on Ogunquit beach.  This morning there was a 5K race in honor of a lifeguard who lost his life. Hundreds gathered for this festive 5 kilometer run on the sands of Ogunquit beach.

Christian Lumenello was a lifeguard that passed tragically. This was the 3rd annual run that raises thousands of dollars for lifeguard services in Ogunquit.

The weather was overcast and humid, but that did not stop over 300 runners that ran down the beach through tide pools and uneven sand! Once again, elite runner Bobby Winn placed first with an amazing time of 17 minutes and 8 seconds. Bear in mind Bobby is 55 years old!

I placed third in my age category, with a time of 21.30 ( definitely not my best time).

Monday, June 10, 2013

Today is my Birthday.....

June 10th! Today is my birthday!

I like to celebrate my birthday, with a nice meal, run on the beach and of course cake.

What I miss most on my birthday are the people who made me feel special on this day growing up.
Most of them are gone, but I guess that is the fate of growing older. My parents always made a fuss and surprised me with a party or an outing.

Because my birthday is in June, it always started the summer season, which is my favorite time of the year. June signaled the end of the school year, and all the things that I liked most: sun, beach, vacation and adventure.....All things are possible in the endless summer. Or so it seemed as a child. 

I started the day with a nice long run on the beach, followed by a 90 minute deep tissue massage by Ron Bergeron at the Massage Studio of Ogunquit.

My sister Cheryl, and her husband came up from Massachusetts for a visit. We  meandered on the Marginal Way, and lunched at the Lobster Shack in Perkins Cove. The Lobster Shack is great little restaurant; it's at the end of the busy cove and it was originally a lobsterman's shack. The Lobster Shack offers gluten free home made clam chowder. Owner/operator Jason Evans stated that it is a family recipe, and he does not use any flour or soup bases to make this fine chowder. The chowder was accompanied with fresh lobster meat on a lettuce with tomato-perfect for lunch by the sea!

Our neighbor Tobias hosted a cookout and grilled some summer time fare. The evening ended with Michael's famous Gluten Free Cheesecake!

The end of a perfect day, and hopefully more birthdays to come.....

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Today is National Running Day!

Today is National Running Day. Coincidentally it is also The Law Enforcement Torch Run for Maine Special Olympics. This is the 12th year I have been involved with the  Maine Special Olympics and the 28th year Ogunquit Police has participated. 

I started the day with a easy run though the village and Marginal Way and Perkins Cove. I almost always run in the morning, It's a way to clear my head and wake up my body. I am able to collect my thoughts, think and enjoy the beautiful sounds of the sea. 

Following my short run in the morning, it was off to the York/Ogunquit town line and wait for the "Flame of Hope torch" that is being carried throughout Maine to signal the start of the Maine Special Olympics. 

In the spirit of community policing, Ogunquit Police, invites the community  to run with members of the police department.  This year, Laura Rose, of Compass Rose Yoga, Ogunquit lifeguard, Nick Lumenello with his brothers, as well as innkeepers, Jimmy Lucibello and Rick Barber participated in the run. 

Before we ran, Yoga instructor, Laura Rose warmed us up with a variety of yoga poses. Bear in mind, we are on US Route 1,  at the town line during rush hour, doing these poses. I am sure it was a sight to see!

The best part of the Torch Run is the overwhelming  support from the townspeople. As we run through town, people wave, cheer and toot their horns. They also show support monetarily. 

       (photo courtesy of Jordan Freedman) 

In the spirit of National Running day, I will run for a third time today. An easy run with my cousin Joshua.