Friday, October 2, 2009

Running on Ogunquit Beach....

I run virtually everyday. I am real lucky that I am in Ogunquit. The beach is a barrier peninsula. Its a long spit of land the is over 5 miles from the "loop" to Moody point and back. The beach is owned and maintained by the town of Ogunquit. It has pristine white sands, and a dramatic tidal flows. The hard packed sand makes it ideal for running!
Its actually quite interesting to run on the beach. You'll never know what you'll see......

There are always tourists, beachcombers, but last week there was a Minke whale that washed up!

Yesterday there was a small shark that was washed up. Today, I noticed that the shark's carcass was virtually gone, with the skeletal remains left. The seagulls had a feast!

There are always birds along the beach: flocks of seagulls, terns, and the federally protected plovers.

Many days I run solo, but I do enjoy running with my buddy Mark. I tend to run faster when I have a running companion.

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  1. Notice in the pic, I am blocking my nose. There was a whale of a smell as I ran by....