Friday, November 22, 2013

John F Kennedy -50 Years later

The wave of the future is not the conquest of the world by a single dogmatic creed but the liberation of the diverse energies of free nations and free men
                                  -John Fitzgerald Kennedy

One of my earliest memories is JFK's portrait hanging in our family/TV room (with palm Sunday fronds) in Somerville, Massachusetts. Having a Catholic Irish President was a "big deal" 50 years. New England Catholics were proud to have one of their own in the White House.

His legacy is without par: civil rights, human rights, NAVY Seals, Peace Corps, Space exploration, National Seashore and so much more...

His family keeps his legacy alive through philanthropy and service to this country. In College I met with Sen Ted Kennedy and interviewed him for our College Newspaper the "OWL". 

Forever, he remains, youthful, optimistic sun-drenched and loving the sea. These are things I really can relate to.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Christian Lumenello's Lifeguard 5 km Dash on Ogunquit Beach

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must KEEP MOVING.
-Albert Einstein

So many people find pleasure on Ogunquit beach.  This morning there was a 5K race in honor of a lifeguard who lost his life. Hundreds gathered for this festive 5 kilometer run on the sands of Ogunquit beach.

Christian Lumenello was a lifeguard that passed tragically. This was the 3rd annual run that raises thousands of dollars for lifeguard services in Ogunquit.

The weather was overcast and humid, but that did not stop over 300 runners that ran down the beach through tide pools and uneven sand! Once again, elite runner Bobby Winn placed first with an amazing time of 17 minutes and 8 seconds. Bear in mind Bobby is 55 years old!

I placed third in my age category, with a time of 21.30 ( definitely not my best time).

Monday, June 10, 2013

Today is my Birthday.....

June 10th! Today is my birthday!

I like to celebrate my birthday, with a nice meal, run on the beach and of course cake.

What I miss most on my birthday are the people who made me feel special on this day growing up.
Most of them are gone, but I guess that is the fate of growing older. My parents always made a fuss and surprised me with a party or an outing.

Because my birthday is in June, it always started the summer season, which is my favorite time of the year. June signaled the end of the school year, and all the things that I liked most: sun, beach, vacation and adventure.....All things are possible in the endless summer. Or so it seemed as a child. 

I started the day with a nice long run on the beach, followed by a 90 minute deep tissue massage by Ron Bergeron at the Massage Studio of Ogunquit.

My sister Cheryl, and her husband came up from Massachusetts for a visit. We  meandered on the Marginal Way, and lunched at the Lobster Shack in Perkins Cove. The Lobster Shack is great little restaurant; it's at the end of the busy cove and it was originally a lobsterman's shack. The Lobster Shack offers gluten free home made clam chowder. Owner/operator Jason Evans stated that it is a family recipe, and he does not use any flour or soup bases to make this fine chowder. The chowder was accompanied with fresh lobster meat on a lettuce with tomato-perfect for lunch by the sea!

Our neighbor Tobias hosted a cookout and grilled some summer time fare. The evening ended with Michael's famous Gluten Free Cheesecake!

The end of a perfect day, and hopefully more birthdays to come.....

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Today is National Running Day!

Today is National Running Day. Coincidentally it is also The Law Enforcement Torch Run for Maine Special Olympics. This is the 12th year I have been involved with the  Maine Special Olympics and the 28th year Ogunquit Police has participated. 

I started the day with a easy run though the village and Marginal Way and Perkins Cove. I almost always run in the morning, It's a way to clear my head and wake up my body. I am able to collect my thoughts, think and enjoy the beautiful sounds of the sea. 

Following my short run in the morning, it was off to the York/Ogunquit town line and wait for the "Flame of Hope torch" that is being carried throughout Maine to signal the start of the Maine Special Olympics. 

In the spirit of community policing, Ogunquit Police, invites the community  to run with members of the police department.  This year, Laura Rose, of Compass Rose Yoga, Ogunquit lifeguard, Nick Lumenello with his brothers, as well as innkeepers, Jimmy Lucibello and Rick Barber participated in the run. 

Before we ran, Yoga instructor, Laura Rose warmed us up with a variety of yoga poses. Bear in mind, we are on US Route 1,  at the town line during rush hour, doing these poses. I am sure it was a sight to see!

The best part of the Torch Run is the overwhelming  support from the townspeople. As we run through town, people wave, cheer and toot their horns. They also show support monetarily. 

       (photo courtesy of Jordan Freedman) 

In the spirit of National Running day, I will run for a third time today. An easy run with my cousin Joshua.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Khris Francis at MaineStreet Live

Some people say funny things, but I say things funny.
                                              -Don Rickles

He is Ogunquit's funny man, Khris Francis. This year's show is called "Last Man Standing". Khris Francis' show is actually the longest running one man comedy show in New England.

Khris is not only a wonderful storyteller and comic but also an amazing singer, and musician. Khris can also improvise, compose and sing a song upon request.  It is amazing to see.

His show is a mix of stand up comedy and sit down naughty-ness with an array of spicy language. His sold out shows are not for the faint of heart, and do contain adult content. Think gay Don Rickles.

Many of Khris' stories and come from his Italian heritage growing up in southern California. Khris still spends winters in southern California and tours in the winter when he is not in Ogunquit Maine.

I saw Khris' act  on opening night of the new MaineStreet Live. This new addition to the MaineStreet complex features a cabaret room with a bar, stage, VIP area and splendid roof deck that overlooks the busy Ogunquit Square. Khris works the room and actually makes patrons participate is some of his routines.This lucky guy showed everyone what he is made of, and of course what his abs are made of!  Warning: There are no sacred cows.

The Details:
Khris Francis "Last Man Standing Show"
MaineStreet Live
Main Street
Ogunquit, ME 03907
Phone 207 646 5101
Show times Thurs to Sunday 8pm $10

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Frannie Peabody Center 5km Race in Ogunquit

Ogunquit is a favorite destination for runners, walkers, sunbathers, and others. Every year there are charity races that utilize the beautiful white sands of Ogunquit beach!

One local charity is the Frannie Peabody Center of Portland/Ogunquit. The Frannie Peabody mission is to "Prevent the spread of HIV and provide support for those living with HIV/AIDS in Maine". This agency does amazing things for people living with HIV. They also provide services for people at risk of HIV. Frannie Peabody's commitment to the people of Ogunquit has been exemplary! Consistently they have provided services, education, testing and prevention to countless visitors and residents.
Running through Ogunquit Square (Photo courtesy of Rick Barber)

This year was the 5th annual Frannie Peabody 5km race/walk. This professionally timed race features: runners, team runners, walkers and many  dedicated volunteers. Ogunquit's own Jimmy Lucibello is a big advocate and fundraiser for Frannie Peabody Center. He has personally raised over $8100 for this event and has donated his time to helping people that suffer from HIV. This year over $50,000 was raised, here in the little town of Ogunquit.

Greg & Jimmy Lucibello

The cost of the race is $25 which is amazing. For $25 you get a T-shirt, "goody-bag", yoga stretch, timed race, food,  post run message; and a beautiful race through Ogunquit that starts and ends on the beach! Ogunquit's Funny Man, Khris Francis, was the master of ceremonies. I always enjoy this hometown race and some of my guests at Ogunquit Beach Inn were able to participate this year.

My cousin Joshua ran the race this year. Joshua has got "bitten"  by the race bug. Throughout the spring, Joshua has been doing 5k's throughout northern New England. It was really fun to run with a member of my family; something I have never done before. Joshua towers over 6'2" (1.88cm), and is a Clydesdale of a runner. He trots along with a steady determined stride. His stamina is amazing. He gets so much out of running as I do!

Joshua & Greg
With rain in the forecast, spectator turnout was modest. Miraculously the sky cleared and the warm ocean breezes gave a refreshing start to this quick 5k race. The last 1.5 kilometers was the best and the hardest. Running on Ogunquit beach is something I do virtually everyday, but there was a modest headwind that slowed me down a bit. Running on sand does take more of an effort due to the texture of the sand against your running shoes.

I placed 5th overall with a time of 21.07/6.48 per mile. Not my best time, but a good time with friends, family and many wonderful volunteers, that make this, "A Beautiful Place, by-the-sea", for all!

The last 200 meters  I just "emptied my tank" and did my customary collapse as the tide rolled in at the finish line!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Magic of the Marginal Way

After living in Ogunquit for many years, I never get tired of the Marginal Way. Yes, the wide sandy beach of Ogunquit is a favorite of many, but the Marginal Way is something special.

The Marginal Way is an old trail (some say Native American trail) that hovers the coast. Starting in the village off of Shore Road after Cottage Street, the trail ends at Perkins Cove. The trail is @ 1.25 mile each way (1.8 km).

Runners, surfers and walkers use this path daily for exercise and recreation. Best time is morning before the afternoon sightseers. The Marginal Way provides solace for many each and everyday. I enjoy running on this trail at sunrise. the air is fresh and fragrant scent of salt and flowers!

The strip of land along the water's edge has a an abundant variety of plants and birds. The high tides leave tide pools  filled with marine life: crabs, barnacles, shells, sea urchins and Sea Anemones.

The cliffs are grand and magnificent and are a geological wonder. Igneous and sedimentary rocks were formed when ancient continents collided 385 billion years ago. Other rocks were leftover from the last ice age.

The Details:
Marginal Way off of Shore Road.
Free to all. No pets from 01 April to 01 November
Walk at your own risk. Cliffs, trails, views and benches.
Steep rocks and dramatic tides.
From Ogunquit Beach Inn walk down School Street, to Shore Road.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Side trip to Provincetown!

The season has started, and soon we will be real busy here in Maine.  However, this year, we decided to close down for four nights and visit family and friends in Provincetown.

World famous Provincetown is located on the tip of Cape Cod 195 miles south of Ogunquit. Like Ogunquit, it's roots are in the sea, and salt is in the air. Like Ogunquit, it is a tourist destination filled with artists, gays, and general tourists. The quaint town is dotted with restaurants, art galleries and a variety of lodgings ( Inns, B&B guesthouses etc).

My good friend Jay has a house on Cook Street in the East End, and my nephew Eric also lives in the same neighborhood. Jay's house is a typical Cape Cod shingled contemporary duplex. The top floor has a sitting terrace which overlooks Cape Cod bay. The unit has three bedrooms, a large living room and two bathrooms. It's a perfect place to spend a vacation with family and friends. It's also for rent,  Ptown Vacation Rentals

Third floor terrace view from Jay Crickett's  Three bedroom rental house in the East End. 

Cape Cod National Seashore, miles of trails perfect for running and nature watching. Every morning I ran through some of the trails and byways. Michael and I also enjoyed hiking through the dunes and estuaries.

The "Breakwater" is a 1.2 milestone jetty that connects crosses Provincetown harbor to Wood End Lighthouse. Michael and I crossed the rock dike at low tide and went to the expansive deserted beach. The beach is a long stretch of sand and there are two lighthouses at both ends. The Wood End Lighthouse is now solar powered.

While hiking along the quiet secluded beach we heard a sound of something exhaling. we looked to the sea and we saw a whale that was swimming along the shore line. As I was beach combing, I found a lobster buoy, to my surprise it was from Maine!!

There is plenty to do in P-town during the day, but at night, the vibe is much different than the serene National Seashore. Commercial Street is alive with tourists and sightseers. The famous "Lobster Pot Restaurant"  is a must if you are visiting Provincetown.

This long expansive Ptown institution serves hundreds of pounds of lobster and other sea fare daily. To my surprise they now have a gluten free menu, which is quite expansive and satisfying. I had the baked lobster in butter.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Back to Ogunquit!

The ride to Maine was much easier this year with stop-overs in Savannah, and Rehoboth Beach, DE. Nevertheless, it's good to be home and out of the car.....It's good to be back home in Maine!

With morning lows of 30 degrees ( -1c) and afternoon highs of 50 degrees (10c) , you know it's April in Maine. Like other migratory birds, we have returned to our beloved little town-by-the-sea, Ogunquit Maine! Our endless summer is stalled, while we have a brief visit of Spring ( a Maine Spring, that is!).

Beautiful crisp days with bluer than blue skies, wild ocean waves and a dawn chorus of cackling birds! It's great to be home!  The sign is up to welcome guests to our 17th year as the owner/innkeepers of Ogunquit Beach Inn!

Michael has made the first batch of our famous Blueberry muffins for our guests this weekend!

If you are thinking of coming up, give us a shout at 1.207.646.1112 or email us at: .

Panoramic view of King Suite, a two room suite that sleeps two.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Next stop-Rehoboth Beach Delaware

For over 16 years, We have been busy in Maine during the summer, and do not have the opportunity to visit other summertime resrot communities. After leaving Savannah, GA we drove over 650 miles (1045km) to Rehoboth Beach Delaware.

While driving north, we took the Chesapeake Bay Bridege-Tunnel; a 23 mile long  bridge/tunnel that connects Virginia and the Delmarva peninsula. The bridge is engineering marvel and a $12 toll road. We drove from the Virginia mainland across the tunnel/bridge to the peninsula.  The peninsula is on the coastal plain and features rolling sand dunes and preserve areas with an abundance of ocean fowl.   About 160 + plus miles up the Delmarva peninsula lies the resort town of Rehoboth Beach.

Rehoboth Beach is a resort town located on the coast. Like Ogunquit it is a gay destination, dotted with gay B&B's, restaurants and bars. However, Rehoboth Beach also has the quintessential beach honky tonk feel, with a mile long boardwalk, taffy, funnel cakes and a wide range of visitors. Some of the Gay B&B's, restaurants and shops are located on the quiet tree-lined street Baltimore Avenue.

On Baltimore Avenue we dined at the charming Rehoboth Beach haunt called Blue Moon  Restaurant. The Blue Moon is located in a craftsman styled house (similar to our Ogunquit Beach Inn). Adjacent to the restaurant is the Blue Moon Bar, a dance & entertainment venue which features gay acts like the illusionist/magician Cashetta. The restaurant offers gluten free/vegetarian and contemporary American cuisine. We opted for the canard, which was outstanding.

 Rehoboth Avenue is the main thoroughfare in the beach area. with a wide array of businesses: pizza-by-the slice, soft serve ice cream, shell shops and the iconic "Dolles" salt water taffy that greets you at the beach adjacent to the boardwalk.

 The boardwalk which is adjacent to the beach is well a mile long, and is used by runners, walkers and beach goers. The wide beach is perfect for sunbathing and ocean activities. Rehoboth Beach also hosts many races and there is even a running store on Baltimore Ave!

                 Runner friendly Rehoboth Beach calls itself the "Nation's Summer Capital"

Next stop, in @ 500 miles, Ogunquit, Maine!