Friday, May 31, 2013

Khris Francis at MaineStreet Live

Some people say funny things, but I say things funny.
                                              -Don Rickles

He is Ogunquit's funny man, Khris Francis. This year's show is called "Last Man Standing". Khris Francis' show is actually the longest running one man comedy show in New England.

Khris is not only a wonderful storyteller and comic but also an amazing singer, and musician. Khris can also improvise, compose and sing a song upon request.  It is amazing to see.

His show is a mix of stand up comedy and sit down naughty-ness with an array of spicy language. His sold out shows are not for the faint of heart, and do contain adult content. Think gay Don Rickles.

Many of Khris' stories and come from his Italian heritage growing up in southern California. Khris still spends winters in southern California and tours in the winter when he is not in Ogunquit Maine.

I saw Khris' act  on opening night of the new MaineStreet Live. This new addition to the MaineStreet complex features a cabaret room with a bar, stage, VIP area and splendid roof deck that overlooks the busy Ogunquit Square. Khris works the room and actually makes patrons participate is some of his routines.This lucky guy showed everyone what he is made of, and of course what his abs are made of!  Warning: There are no sacred cows.

The Details:
Khris Francis "Last Man Standing Show"
MaineStreet Live
Main Street
Ogunquit, ME 03907
Phone 207 646 5101
Show times Thurs to Sunday 8pm $10

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Frannie Peabody Center 5km Race in Ogunquit

Ogunquit is a favorite destination for runners, walkers, sunbathers, and others. Every year there are charity races that utilize the beautiful white sands of Ogunquit beach!

One local charity is the Frannie Peabody Center of Portland/Ogunquit. The Frannie Peabody mission is to "Prevent the spread of HIV and provide support for those living with HIV/AIDS in Maine". This agency does amazing things for people living with HIV. They also provide services for people at risk of HIV. Frannie Peabody's commitment to the people of Ogunquit has been exemplary! Consistently they have provided services, education, testing and prevention to countless visitors and residents.
Running through Ogunquit Square (Photo courtesy of Rick Barber)

This year was the 5th annual Frannie Peabody 5km race/walk. This professionally timed race features: runners, team runners, walkers and many  dedicated volunteers. Ogunquit's own Jimmy Lucibello is a big advocate and fundraiser for Frannie Peabody Center. He has personally raised over $8100 for this event and has donated his time to helping people that suffer from HIV. This year over $50,000 was raised, here in the little town of Ogunquit.

Greg & Jimmy Lucibello

The cost of the race is $25 which is amazing. For $25 you get a T-shirt, "goody-bag", yoga stretch, timed race, food,  post run message; and a beautiful race through Ogunquit that starts and ends on the beach! Ogunquit's Funny Man, Khris Francis, was the master of ceremonies. I always enjoy this hometown race and some of my guests at Ogunquit Beach Inn were able to participate this year.

My cousin Joshua ran the race this year. Joshua has got "bitten"  by the race bug. Throughout the spring, Joshua has been doing 5k's throughout northern New England. It was really fun to run with a member of my family; something I have never done before. Joshua towers over 6'2" (1.88cm), and is a Clydesdale of a runner. He trots along with a steady determined stride. His stamina is amazing. He gets so much out of running as I do!

Joshua & Greg
With rain in the forecast, spectator turnout was modest. Miraculously the sky cleared and the warm ocean breezes gave a refreshing start to this quick 5k race. The last 1.5 kilometers was the best and the hardest. Running on Ogunquit beach is something I do virtually everyday, but there was a modest headwind that slowed me down a bit. Running on sand does take more of an effort due to the texture of the sand against your running shoes.

I placed 5th overall with a time of 21.07/6.48 per mile. Not my best time, but a good time with friends, family and many wonderful volunteers, that make this, "A Beautiful Place, by-the-sea", for all!

The last 200 meters  I just "emptied my tank" and did my customary collapse as the tide rolled in at the finish line!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Magic of the Marginal Way

After living in Ogunquit for many years, I never get tired of the Marginal Way. Yes, the wide sandy beach of Ogunquit is a favorite of many, but the Marginal Way is something special.

The Marginal Way is an old trail (some say Native American trail) that hovers the coast. Starting in the village off of Shore Road after Cottage Street, the trail ends at Perkins Cove. The trail is @ 1.25 mile each way (1.8 km).

Runners, surfers and walkers use this path daily for exercise and recreation. Best time is morning before the afternoon sightseers. The Marginal Way provides solace for many each and everyday. I enjoy running on this trail at sunrise. the air is fresh and fragrant scent of salt and flowers!

The strip of land along the water's edge has a an abundant variety of plants and birds. The high tides leave tide pools  filled with marine life: crabs, barnacles, shells, sea urchins and Sea Anemones.

The cliffs are grand and magnificent and are a geological wonder. Igneous and sedimentary rocks were formed when ancient continents collided 385 billion years ago. Other rocks were leftover from the last ice age.

The Details:
Marginal Way off of Shore Road.
Free to all. No pets from 01 April to 01 November
Walk at your own risk. Cliffs, trails, views and benches.
Steep rocks and dramatic tides.
From Ogunquit Beach Inn walk down School Street, to Shore Road.