Sunday, June 17, 2012

Perkins Cove Ode

Perkins Cove Ode
Once a sleepy little fishing inlet
Colorful lobster-men mending a net!
Dories with oars! Their fishing boats
Piled with lobster traps barely afloat!

Artists with easels painting near-by
A primitive footbridge under a blue sky!
An Artist Colony established in 1898
A scenic wharf with barrels of bait!

Came the dredgers digging down deep
Enlarging the Cove with one big sweep!
Lobster boats with motors soon followed suit
Then a motorized footbridge too-boot!

Today Perkins Cove thriving with action
Multitudes of welcoming tourist attractions!
Walk the Marginal Way a leisurely rove
Ending up at our famous “Perkins Cove!
Richard “W” Perkins
( The “W” is for “Wow!” )

Thursday, June 14, 2012

All the beach is a stage.....

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts
-William Shakespeare

The stage is the beach. The actors and chorus boys from "South Pacific" are singing, dancing and practicing en plein air.

"South Pacific" starts on June 20th at the Ogunquit Playhouse. This classic also features local actor Kirk Simpson.

Like the world stage, the beach features many characters, scenarios and life events everyday. Like the game of life, you never know what you may see on Ogunquit beach.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Christian Lumenello 5km Lifeguard Dash- Ogunquit Beach

Today is a bittersweet day. It's a picture perfect day on Ogunquit beach, and there is a 5 kilometer race at low tide.

It's bittersweet, because the race honors the life of  Ogunquit lifeguard, Christian Lumenello. Christian was taken away tragically in September of 2010.

                           (Christian's mother, Laura Rose. Photo courtesy of Samantha Stephens.)

The race, Christian's Lifeguard Dash, is organized by members of the community and his mother, Laura Rose. Christian was the quintessential teenager in the seaside town of Ogunquit, ME. He was an outstanding athlete. Christian also worked in his families restaurant, Rose Cove Cafe.

The race takes place on the hard packed sand of Ogunquit beach. Ogunquit beach is where Christian worked as a lifeguard and assisted in the rescue of many distressed swimmers in the unpredictable Atlantic.

(Photo courtesy of Samantha Stephens)

Proceeds from the race benefit lifeguard services. Last year proceeds bought a jet ski and assisted young people in becoming American Red Cross certified lifeguards.

The weather was picture perfect with wind coming in off the ocean. I completed the 5 kilometer sand course in 21 minutes and 08 seconds, placing 11th out of 207 participants. I placed first in my age group. Last year for this race I clocked in at 21.02, so my timing was off by a few seconds. I find it hard to break the sub 21 time barrier on sand. The last race I did, was a combo of  Ogunquit beach and street, and my time was sub 21 minutes.

Our guest at the Ogunquit Beach Inn Vince from Connecticut also ran this 5 km race.