Sunday, June 17, 2012

Perkins Cove Ode

Perkins Cove Ode
Once a sleepy little fishing inlet
Colorful lobster-men mending a net!
Dories with oars! Their fishing boats
Piled with lobster traps barely afloat!

Artists with easels painting near-by
A primitive footbridge under a blue sky!
An Artist Colony established in 1898
A scenic wharf with barrels of bait!

Came the dredgers digging down deep
Enlarging the Cove with one big sweep!
Lobster boats with motors soon followed suit
Then a motorized footbridge too-boot!

Today Perkins Cove thriving with action
Multitudes of welcoming tourist attractions!
Walk the Marginal Way a leisurely rove
Ending up at our famous “Perkins Cove!
Richard “W” Perkins
( The “W” is for “Wow!” )

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