Friday, May 10, 2013

Magic of the Marginal Way

After living in Ogunquit for many years, I never get tired of the Marginal Way. Yes, the wide sandy beach of Ogunquit is a favorite of many, but the Marginal Way is something special.

The Marginal Way is an old trail (some say Native American trail) that hovers the coast. Starting in the village off of Shore Road after Cottage Street, the trail ends at Perkins Cove. The trail is @ 1.25 mile each way (1.8 km).

Runners, surfers and walkers use this path daily for exercise and recreation. Best time is morning before the afternoon sightseers. The Marginal Way provides solace for many each and everyday. I enjoy running on this trail at sunrise. the air is fresh and fragrant scent of salt and flowers!

The strip of land along the water's edge has a an abundant variety of plants and birds. The high tides leave tide pools  filled with marine life: crabs, barnacles, shells, sea urchins and Sea Anemones.

The cliffs are grand and magnificent and are a geological wonder. Igneous and sedimentary rocks were formed when ancient continents collided 385 billion years ago. Other rocks were leftover from the last ice age.

The Details:
Marginal Way off of Shore Road.
Free to all. No pets from 01 April to 01 November
Walk at your own risk. Cliffs, trails, views and benches.
Steep rocks and dramatic tides.
From Ogunquit Beach Inn walk down School Street, to Shore Road.

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