Saturday, April 13, 2013

Next stop-Rehoboth Beach Delaware

For over 16 years, We have been busy in Maine during the summer, and do not have the opportunity to visit other summertime resrot communities. After leaving Savannah, GA we drove over 650 miles (1045km) to Rehoboth Beach Delaware.

While driving north, we took the Chesapeake Bay Bridege-Tunnel; a 23 mile long  bridge/tunnel that connects Virginia and the Delmarva peninsula. The bridge is engineering marvel and a $12 toll road. We drove from the Virginia mainland across the tunnel/bridge to the peninsula.  The peninsula is on the coastal plain and features rolling sand dunes and preserve areas with an abundance of ocean fowl.   About 160 + plus miles up the Delmarva peninsula lies the resort town of Rehoboth Beach.

Rehoboth Beach is a resort town located on the coast. Like Ogunquit it is a gay destination, dotted with gay B&B's, restaurants and bars. However, Rehoboth Beach also has the quintessential beach honky tonk feel, with a mile long boardwalk, taffy, funnel cakes and a wide range of visitors. Some of the Gay B&B's, restaurants and shops are located on the quiet tree-lined street Baltimore Avenue.

On Baltimore Avenue we dined at the charming Rehoboth Beach haunt called Blue Moon  Restaurant. The Blue Moon is located in a craftsman styled house (similar to our Ogunquit Beach Inn). Adjacent to the restaurant is the Blue Moon Bar, a dance & entertainment venue which features gay acts like the illusionist/magician Cashetta. The restaurant offers gluten free/vegetarian and contemporary American cuisine. We opted for the canard, which was outstanding.

 Rehoboth Avenue is the main thoroughfare in the beach area. with a wide array of businesses: pizza-by-the slice, soft serve ice cream, shell shops and the iconic "Dolles" salt water taffy that greets you at the beach adjacent to the boardwalk.

 The boardwalk which is adjacent to the beach is well a mile long, and is used by runners, walkers and beach goers. The wide beach is perfect for sunbathing and ocean activities. Rehoboth Beach also hosts many races and there is even a running store on Baltimore Ave!

                 Runner friendly Rehoboth Beach calls itself the "Nation's Summer Capital"

Next stop, in @ 500 miles, Ogunquit, Maine!


  1. enjoy your posts--that is one long trip. We marvel at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge when we go to Williamsburg--except the year after hubby's head injury when he announced part way across that the waves made him dizzy- perhaps another time heading north you can check out Cape May, NJ, --very Victorian and lovely in the Pre-season. looking forward to opening up the O. cottage soon, your posts make me homesick.

  2. Paula! thanks for reading! Will have to check out Cape May!