Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Northward bound! WIth a stopover in Savannah!

It's that time of year when we depart the warmth of south Florida and make our journey back north. This year we decided to make a few overnight stops at two destinations and take and be a tourist.

(enjoying the last day in Florida sun)

After 7 hours of driving we stopped in Savannah, Georgia at 12 noon. Many of my friends raved about Savannah. I honestly had not expectations. After spending the day and night, I was actually quite impressed with this hip college town.

(Architecture, hip restaurants, and lots of SCAD college kids)

Michael and I took the "trolley tour". Living in Ogunquit, we have trolleys, but these trolleys are mainly used for transporting masses people to the beaches in Ogunquit. The Savannah trolleys are actually used for touring. Savannah is quite a historical city with layers upon layers of history, and the trolley was quite helpful and informative.

(faux Paula Deen & Greg-being a tourist)

We also had reservations for Paula Deen's restaurant, "Lady and Sons"-again, my expectations were not high, but again, I was pleasantly surprised.

Make no mistake, Lady & Son's is a tourist destination with long waits, and crowds in the gift shop adjacent to the restaurant. To my surprise, there was a "Gluten Free" menu! Who would have thought, a southern soul food restaurant with GF options!

My meal was yummy with rice, seafood (scallops, shrimp and oysters). Michael opted for the Chicken Pot pie. This was a prime example of southern soul food ala Paula Deen. A pie the size of a dinner plate with puffy braided crust and mounds of chicken.

The city is fun and lively, pedestrian friendly. I went for an hour run through several neighborhoods. I think Savannah will be a new stopover on our treks back north!

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