Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Ogunquit 2010

Children must know fear. Without it, they'll try Frenching grizzly bears or trying to live in Florida.
                                                                -Coach Sue Sylvester of William McKinley High School

Halloween is quite festive in Ogunquit. Sunny days with cool crisp nights. Traditional Halloween events are held at Maine Street Nightclub  and Oxygen Bar. Many visitors return for this closing holiday weekend. Its a long weekend full of vampires, queens, pirates and  other characters....

I admire the creativity and thought process that goes into the costumes. Who would've thought  that THE Queen would pop in for a visit, or Sue Sylvester from Glee would make an appearance....

 This years theme was Dirty, Sexy, Disney. Maine Street Nightclub was decorated like a Disney castle gone mad.

A town like Ogunquit attracts talented and creative people, and I am glad to call it my home.

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