Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sailing in Ogunquit.....

                  Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship.

-Omar Bradley

I have had a love affair with the sea as long as I can remember. The ocean fascinates all my senses. This week, my friends and I went out on The "Silverlining" sailboat out of Perkins Cove.

The Silverling is a 42 foot rigged wooden sloop built in Maine in 1939. This fast sailboat has an 888 sq ft sail with a working jib on  a 63 foot spruce spar.
Four to five times a day, The Silverlining leaves the sheltered harbor of Perkins Cove and sails along the ragged Maine coast.  The 42 foot spruce spar is so tall that the wooden drawbridge needs to be opened every time the sloop departs or enters the cove.

After embarking from Perkins Cove, First Mate, Beau raises the large sail.....

The Silverlining  holds up to 6 passengers. Today, my neighbor Tobias, and a guest at Ogunquit Beach Inn, Mark from Florida, accompanied me on this voyage.....

Captain Jack Gordon has been Maine waters for over 35 years.....

Captain Jack gave me a lesson is sailing...

As we returned to Perkins Cove the moon greeted us.

The Details:
Leaves from Perkins Cove Daily in season.
Call to make a reservation 207.646.9800
Sloop holds only 6 passengers
Bring a lunch, snack and you are allowed to BYOB in moderation.
Rates for 2012 $35 to $40

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