Saturday, November 3, 2012

Back to Florida-Without Sandy!

Once again, a freak storm surprised the northeast with wild winds around the last weekend in October. You may remember that a freak snow storm paralyzed much of New England and the northeast during the same weekend in October in 2011....

Ogunquit experienced winds, and tidal dune shifts, but not too much damage. Hours after Super Storm Sandy hit New England, we decided to leave for our annual trek to Florida.
We arrived in Florida, and was surprised to see that Fort Lauderdale beach coast was hit "super" hard by Super Storm Sandy!
Most people know that parts of the NY coastline and New Jersey were hard hit. However, many people didn't realize that Sandy socked the coast of Florida first.

For a decade I have ran along the coast of Fort lauderdale beach. The beach is long and not too wide and the sidewalk sits next to the beach-perfect for my daily run.  However, Super Storm Sandy punched Fort lauderdale pretty hard, and shifted sand on to Route A1A. About 2500 feet of Route A1A is closed down.  The sidewalk, street, palm trees and beach have been washed away.

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