Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.
-Mark Twain

   (Super Storm Nemo attacking New England and beyond)

This past week was the 35th anniversary of the Blizzard of '78. To many New Englanders this is still the benchmark that storms are measured.  Ironically, New England  experienced  a nor'easter and a blizzard on the anniversary. The region was belted with hurricane force winds, biting cold and two to three feet of snow.

(Ogunquit Beach Inn after "Super Storm Nemo")

Ogunquit fared quite well. Yes, there was extreme high tides, beach erosion and damage-yet the electricity did not go out ( parts of Plymouth County and Cape Cod experienced 4 to 5 days with out power). Total snow accumulation in Ogunquit was 31" inches (78cm).
(Ogunquit Square, at the beginning of the storm)

Ogunquit was prepared. Electricity stayed on, and the hardy residents of Ogunquit shoveled, plowed and watched the epic storm pass through. However, I was unable to attend this snow event. Memories of the blizzard of '78 still haunt me. After the blizzard of '78, I decided that winters in New England were not for me. Yes, I do love Maine, and all it has to offer, but the hard winter months are just not my cup of tea. Guess I am not as hardy as many of my friends and neighbors. Many of my friends take to the slopes, snow shoe and enjoy the idyllic winter days.

(Photo by Anthony Defeo, Ogunquit Beach after Nemo)

Our neighbor Tobias of the Sweet Pea Pied-a-terre gleefully stayed up all night and shoveled his tiny driveway at 3:15am in the morning. To his amazement, Cottage Street ( the street directly behind Ogunquit Beach Inn) was plowed. Ogunquit's town employees were diligent and cleaned the streets around the clock.

(Photo by Tobias Orfe of the Sweet Pea. Shoveling in the early morning hours.)

This photo is from February of 1978, corner of River Road and Beach Street. Local resident survey damage. The following shot is the same spot, 35 years later. 

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