Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumn Colors, Ogunquit style.....

Its the season of autumn that the local people seem to love the most. Long walks on uncrowded beaches. Quiet time to reflect life in a village that bustles in the summer time, and becomes sleepy and relaxed in the fall. As the colors of the trees change, so do the colors on the beach.
The late afternoon sky cast a spectrum of blues, grays and red.....

The beach plums cast an autumnal glow to the sand dunes...

I am at the beach usually a couple of times a day. Usually once in the
morning for a run. I like how the sun emerges over the Atlantic and wakes the town.

I like to walk the beach around sunset, when the bright sun slips beneath  the tidal dunes, and the day evolves into night.

Ogunquit Beach Inn

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