Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Marginal Way.....

The Marginal Way is an attraction in Ogunquit. Its one of the most beautiful walks in Maine, and a must see while you are in Ogunquit.

The Marginal Way starts on Shore Road ( about a three minute walk from the Inn ). Its an old Indian tail that meanders along the rocky coast of Ogunquit.

From the start of Marginal Way you can see the dramatic coast line of Ogunquit Beach. Ogunquit Beach is unique because of the soft white sands and the dramatic tides. The beach is actually a barrier island. The contrast of the Carribean like beach and rocky coast is awesome!

Marginal Way showcases the rocky coastline of Maine. Jagged cliffs reach out into the Atlantic, where waves crash against the majestic rocks.

Along the path, there is native Scrub Pine, Beach Roses and Cedar trees. In the summer the path has a pungent scent of Honeyscukle.

The cliffs were formed by glaciers from the last ice age.

The walk is one mile and a quarter long and leads to Perkins Cove. Sometimes after I run on the beach, I will do and extra "Marginal Way Loop" to my running route, especially if its early.

Hikers, birdwatchers, runners, and lovers all enjoy the Marginal Way. There are small tide pools, little beaches, and benches along the path to enjoy.

Ogunquit Beach Inn

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