Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lester's Diner Fort Lauderdale

This classic style diner located moments from Fort Lauderdale's 17th Street seaport area is popular with locals and visitors. This shiny chrome diner has been serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with a Greek flare since 1967. Lester's Diner is open 24 hours and has an extensive menu. The waitresses are very friendly and a bit on the kitschy side.

Lester's features a wide chrome counter, booths and a larger dining room. There is plenty of parking, and the diner is large.

I had a vigorous  one and a half hour swim workout this morning, so I needed a hearty breakfast. I invited my buddy Jay, who is always up for a good meal!

I got the omelet with feta cheese and spinach. Home fries and toast accompanied the meal. The omelet was perfect! The home fries were just average.
Jay got chicken friend steak with mashed potatoes, the perfect greasy spoon meal. Both meals were hearty, and service was perfect and prompt. The menu is extensive with: pancakes, French toast, pot roast, soups, huge salads, and Greek gyros. Many of the desserts are homemade, and the baklava  is popular with the patrons. The extensive menu also features Italian and seafood specialties.

 Depending what time of the day you go, the clientele can be interesting and entertaining! ( present company excluded, of course!).

The Details:
Lester's Diner
250 W State Route 84
Ft Lauderdale, FL
Telephone:  954.525.5641
American diner with a Greek flare.
Rating: Good

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