Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter in Ogunquit......2010

Even though I spend winters away (Florida, Costa Rica, south America), I have spent many winters in Ogunquit.  There were many winters that we've kept this craftsman style B&B  open.

There is a quiet beauty with the fresh snowfall.  The air is crisp, and clean. The sky is bluest of blue. Flocks of birds compete with squirrels for food. The tourists are few, and so are the residents. Winter is a time to take stock, reflect, and work on some inside projects. Its also the time go away to warmer environs and recharge for the upcoming season!

My partner, Michael went back to Ogunquit  this week to do some projects in the house. This picture of the front of the house is from today's snowstorm. Typically we get snow in February. This year the weather is quite seasonal for February: freezing at night, and hovering above freezing during the day.

The ocean reflects with the winter sky a kaleidoscope of colors at sunrise and again at sunset. Even during a cold wintry day, the sky is a deep blue.

School Street  toward Shore Road.  To the right the magnificent Marginal Way, to the left the beach. On that thought, I will stay right here in Fort Lauderdale until the snow melts......Soon it will be April, and like many of the migratory birds I will return, and Ogunquit Beach Inn will reopen!

The Marginal Way before the yesterday's storm.......

Its now its time for Mike to relax next to the wood pellet stove for the evening, and watch the sun melt into the snow...

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