Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beach Roses on the Marginal Way

I once had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue: no good in a bed, but fine up against a wall.   -Eleanor Roosevelt

The Marginal Way is truly a special place. Some say it is the piece de resistance of Ogunquit Village.  The Marginal Way is always changing. Twice a day tides crash into the sedimentary rocks. Sea and land birds occupy the Marginal Way as well as many other forms of wildlife.
During today's morning run on the trail, my eyes and nose were in for a treat. The Marginal Way was a splash of color with the sea roses in full bloom with a fragrant odor....

The 1 1/4 mile trail that meanders the craggy coast of Ogunquit offers spectacular views and scenery. I tell my guests to take their time exploring the Marginal Way, even though I run the path in morning, I try to savor an afternoon walk on the old trail. The path is not a race, and visitors should enjoy the beauty. Take time to smell the roses, the beach roses.....

Beach Roses were introduced to Maine from travelling seafarers that brought them back from the Orient. The ornamental plants grow best along the coast in sandy soil. The beach roses of Ogunquit are extremely tolerant to seaside salt spray and north Atlantic storms....

The suckering shrubs develops new plants from the roots, which turn into hedges. The hedges line the Marginal Way and create a unique border along the coast. The end of the Marginal Way is Perkins Cove. The "Cove" is dotted with fishing boats, artists, and restaurants. One restaurant, Barnacle Billy's Etc was the site of the former Whistling Oyster.  Eleanor Roosevelt would frequent the Whistling Oyster and admire the wild roses on her trips to Ogunquit. Mrs Roosevelt and entourage would stay in Ogunquit on her way to Campobello Island for the summer.

The Marginal Way is awash in red, pink and white Rosa Rugosa. Its truly an amazing sight to see. Its only a three minute walk from Ogunquit Beach Inn

Mrs Roosevelt noted in her diary about visits to Ogunquit (Click here to read).


  1. Thank you so much for the link to Eleanor Roosevelt's 'My Day' July 19, 1947. I had no idea her writing was available online. I have greatly enjoyed reading her letters and columns. Most the letters written back and forth with the late President John F. Kennedy prior to his 1960 election. I have only just begun and am so greatful to be able to do so. As a "fan" of both FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt reading her letters is such a treat. Now when in Ogunquit I can not only imagine Bette Davis wandering Ogunquit but now also Eleanor Roosevelt. I only wish I could have shared a dinner table at the whistling oyster with Bette and Eleanor...

  2. I love the pictures of all the flowers along the Marginal Way. Even more, I love that Eleanor Roosevelt loved OGT. Just when I think I've learned of the history of this small gem of a town, I learn something more. It's wonderful and you do a great job of sharing it all with us, Greg!