Friday, June 18, 2010

Ogunquit Heritage Museum at the Captain Winn House

I Enjoy Anything which Has the Flavor of the Salt Air in It
-Charles Woodbury

Dotted throughout the town, Ogunquit features art venues like: the Barn Gallery, Ogunquit Museum of American Art, Ogunquit Playhouse and the Ogunquit Heritage Museum. The museum is small, so you don't need a lot of time, but it is truly a jewel set in the village centre.....

The Ogunquit Heritage Museum is housed at the Captain James Winn House. The historical cape house from the 1700's is nestled in an English style common in the centre of Ogunquit on Obeds Lane (between Main Street and Shore Road). Its a quick walk from Ogunquit Beach Inn. The Common  features herb and flower gardens that were typical in the 1700's. The Common is quite peaceful and pastoral, and one can imagine Mainers from the 1700's with their herds of livestock.

The exhibits at the Ogunquit Heritage Museum include: maritime history, including coastal trade and fishing in early Ogunquit; the artist colony with many paintings from Charles Woodbury, John Neill, Channing Hare, and many others. Other Exhibits include ephemera from Ogunquit's hotel and hospitality trade.
The Winn house features typical Maine architecture from the 1700's, complete with original "Indian Shutters".

This museum is a great place to see how all the  unique pieces of Ogunquit fit together: fishing, the arts and tourism. There are artifacts from the all three categories. The Assistant Curator, Paula is helpful and resourceful. She is quite knowledgeable about the Ogunquit art history, the maritime artifacts and genealogy.

The Winn House also has an Ogunquit Dory. The Ogunquit Dory is a sturdy little boat that was built to take the rough north Atlantic surf and had a sail. Fisherman used the dories to catch cod, mackerel and halibut. The dories were also subject of many paintings by Charles Woodbury and his students. In 1898 Woodbury started Ogunquit School, and thus the beginning of the art colony. Woodbury was one the most influential teachers of his time, training over 4000 students – many of whom were already important painters.

(Dories at Wharf Lane) Wharf Lane is Off of Shore Road, near School Street.....

The Museum is a great way to explore a little bit of Ogunquit History from the three major populations that influenced the salty flavor of the town!
The Details:
Ogunquit Heritage Museum at the Winn House on Jacobs Common
86 Obeds Lane
Ogunquit ME 03907
Telephone 207-646-0296
Open Tuesday to Sunday June to end of Sept 1pm to 5pm
Paula Cummngs, Assistant Curator is helpful and knowledgeable.
Admission is free. Museum is small, and will not take too long. The Common is beautiful.

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