Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Images of Ogunquit Beach 27 July 2010

The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery - not over nature but of ourselves     
                                    -Rachel Carson

What a perfect summer day! Very low humidity and beautiful weather. I am always amazed how nature and humans interact with Ogunquit beach. The rhythm of the tide is dramatic. The rhythm of the people is sometimes more dramatic.
Here are some shots I took today. First picture was taken at 6:06 this morning. This is what Ogunquit beach looks like when I go running in the morning. In the morning, the beach is serene and tranquil. Runners, walkers and various foul explore the pristine white sands. At 7:17am the beach is still quiet and peaceful. After 8:33 am the beach begins to awake to the sounds of beach goers and vacationers.

Mid-day, 10:54 to 2:47 ( pictures 5, 6 &7), the beach is at it fullest, with most of the parking lots maxed out.

Late afternoon and evening, the beach again transforms itself. The light sets behind the dunes and cast a shaedow on the beach. Beachcombers, lovers and meditaters seek solace and peaceful moments on a quieter and tamer beach.

The last picture of the main beach was taken at 8:17pm. The sun had set, and the sounds of evening bagpipes illuminated the beach.

High temp of 87 degrees (30 celsius), fair weather clouds, and a clean ocean, truly a beautiful day!


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