Monday, August 2, 2010

Ogunquit Fish Chowder Recipe

CHOW DER:  noun a thick soup or stew made of clams, fish, or vegetables, with potatoes, onions, and other ingredients and seasonings.

Origin: 1735–45, Americanism;  French chaudière pot, kettle . From Latin caldāria cauldron.         

Long before the beach goers, artists and tourist flocked to Ogunquit, fishermen took to sea, and would bring their catch of the day back to Perkins Cove. Fishing traditions dating back hundreds of years continue today.

One such lobsterman/fisherman is Eben. Eben is native Ogunquit Mainer from a seafaring background. Eben went to sea this week to pull lobster traps and fish.  Eben and his captain caught 108 pounds of the "sacred" cod and haddock. On the boat, they filleted, and flash froze it. I was able to get a few pieces of this fine catch and decided it was time to make some fish chowda at Ogunquit Beach Inn

To make fish chowder, you need to start with fresh fish! Traditions are rich in Maine with many types of recipes. This is a variation I use. In Ogunquit, many places use milk, butter and flour for a roux to thicken the stock up. Maine chowder always has milk or cream.
Here is a quick and easy recipe:

RECIPE DETAILS:One large sauce pot
One large onion diced.
Celery sticks, diced
Three potatoes, cubed.
half stick butter.
Pound of filleted cod or haddock
2 cups of milk
sea salt, pepper, paprika and hot sauce
tablespoon of olive oil.
2 tablespoons of flour
One can of corn.

Saute butter and onions, celery. Add 2 tablespoons of flour to butter.
Add 2 cups of  hot water stir gently, and create broth.
Add sea salt, and pepper, add olive oil ( I don't use bacon, I find the olive oil is a good substitute)
Dice potatoes and micro wave. Add diced potatoes to broth.
Add one can of corn.
Add 2 cups of milk ( I use 2% milk), stir gently and do not boil.
Cube white fish ( haddock or cod) and add into broth, stirring gently, never boiling.
Paprika & Parsley, dash of Tabasco or hot sauce for some pizazz!

Serve with Oyster Crackers and Enjoy!

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