Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Craftsman Kitchen Renovation challenge

The challenge: how to update a 1926 kitchen in a foursquare craftsman inn in Ogunquit village. I needed a  better workspace and a remodeled kitchen. The challenges were: design, concept, flow, and a user-friendly workspace that can accommodate the demands of a busy Bed & Breakfast.

I wanted a timeless kitchen that reflected the spirit of the house. I contacted Jerry DeHart of Coastal General Construction I’ve known Jerry from being the owner of Scotch Hill Inn and having a successful construction company in Ogunquit. I wanted someone who knew the spirit of my house (craftsman) and had a clear understanding of what my needs were.

My partner, Mike said “you really only remodel a kitchen once in your life, so lets do it right.” We had an architect come up with plans, and then met with Jerry on construction. Jerry took care of all permits, and getting all sub-contractors. Jerry’s crew consisted of tradesman and well trained craftsmen.
 Jerry’s craftsman used “quarter sawn” oak and hand built, some cupboards, mudroom, and pantry. All light fixtures, counters and cupboards were craftsman inspired. All fixtures and other items came from other artisans. We purposely did not use any "big box" types of stores.

My sink is a single block of soapstone. Counters are also soapstone. There is a workspace, a breakfast counter that we use, a mudroom with shoe cupboards, and a bench that doubles as a recycling hide-away. While the kitchen was gutted, insulation was blown-in, new heaters were installed and electrical panel was enhanced.

I wanted a timeless kitchen that reflected the spirit of the house. My renovation concept was achieved and Ogunquit Beach Inn has a user friendly kitchen!


  1. I LOVE how you remodeled your kitchen. Being our favorite place to stay in Ogunquit, we were knew the old kitchen was a challenge for your needs. The first time we saw the kitchen after you completed it, I fell in love with the design. If we owned a "Craftman" style home, I would want a very similar style. It completes your home, and seems to make your muffins happy too...happy enough to a Betty White "Delicious Dish" muffin.

  2. Thanks Andrew for the nice comment! We too love the craftsman style!