Sunday, August 29, 2010

Miss Coco Peru

....A Drag Queen in her mid 40's is exactly what Hollywood is looking for... 
                                                                                               -Coco Peru
Ogunquit is known as the entertainment capital for southern Maine. With venues like: The Front Porch with The Judy Show; and the Oxygen Bar, with The Khris Francis show. This weekend  MaineStreet Nightclub hosted the legendary Miss Coco Peru.
Miss Peru at Ogunquit Beach Inn after a show.

Miss Coco Peru is an entertainer tour de force. Coco Peru hails from Los Angeles, and travels throughout the globe with her show.  Miss Peru spent the weekend in Ogunquit before leaving for Sweden, where she is appearing in Stockholm's comedy Festival. In 2009 Coco Peru was presented with GLAAD media award for her performances. Many will remember Coco Peru in the Gay film cult favorites: Trick, and Girls will be Girls.  Coco Peru has also worked with theatre greats like: Bea Arthur, Lily Tomlin and Charles Busch.

Coco Peru's show is a combination of music/storytelling and comedy.  Coco Peru explores: the trials and tribulations of an adolescent boy in the Bronx; New York city angst; love in the 21st century and alien abductions in her Ogunquit show. Miss Peru's theatre presence is larger than life. It is unfair to label  Coco Peru as just a "drag queen".  Coco Peru is a talented entertainer who has a strong stage presence, and can capture the audience and take them to another place.

For more information on Coco Peru, visit her website


  1. Coco is the best! A true entertainer - smart, sharp, and impeccably-put-together at all times.

  2. Great, wish we were there....We saw the posters around town in August. We also saw (and Own the DVD) 'Girls will be Girls'...the best! A must see for all who Love Dark Camp...Great photo of you two, would have been better had it been a three..umm with it too!