Saturday, October 9, 2010

Maine by numbers

Many Mainers and visitors alike do not realize how big the great state of Maine is. It takes the same amount of time to drive to Madawasaka Maine, as it does to Washington DC from Ogunquit Maine (about 8 to 9 hours). The crown of Maine is further north than Montreal and Quebec City.
*There is 33,000 square miles in Mane
*1,300,000 population of Maine
*1300 year round population for Ogunquit
*16 Counties
*3500 miles of coastline in Maine (more than California and Florida!)
* 17 Million acres of forest
* 41 persons per square mile in Maine
* 300 persons per square mile in Ogunquit during the winter
* 6000 lakes and ponds in Maine
* 1641, Ogunquit settled by English
* 1607, first European settlement in Maine, by Frenchman Pierre Dugua at St-Croix, ME
* 1525, Spaniard Voyager, Esteban Gomez, explored and mapped Maine, naming Campobello, Saco, Casco Bay and Bahia Profundo (Bay of Fundy).
* One Syllable. Maine is the only state that is one syllable long
* 306 Miles. Route 95 in Maine
* One Ogunquit Beach Inn

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