Friday, October 15, 2010

October Nor'easter

The mighty gale strikes the coast
as creatures great and small seek another course
while winds howl, and waves prowl,
no man or fowl can be saved from this force....

 Today we had a mild Nor'easter. A nor'easter is a storm system that takes place along the coast of New England and the Canadian maritimes. These storms can happen anytime of the year, but usually occur during late autumn and winter months. Nor'easters form along the Atlantic coast with rotating low pressure winds that mix with rain from the tropics. These two systems collide and can produce massive rain, hurricane like winds, flooding and blizzards. The Blizzard of '78 and the "Perfect Storm of '91" were nor'easters

 Today's storm was mild for Maine. I ran along the Marginal Way and the waves were wild and turning. The coastal birds were still present, and the wind was cranking up. Gusts are expected to exceed 50 mph.
Coastal Maine storms evoke our need to be romantic and primal. A great combination!
Blogger/Innkeeper/Runner Greg lives and works in Ogunquit, Maine and enjoys what Maine has to offer!

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