Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in South Florida

Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling. 
                           -Edna Ferber

Don't get me wrong, I am a New Englander, and do love Maine. I love the burst of spring, and the smell of a fresh rain shower that April brings. There is nothing like a Maine summer, with endless days by the sea. Autumn is a special time when the ocean roars along with the maples and oaks. However, I really never enjoyed winter. Yes, I skied in College, and tried all the winter time activities: Sledding and skating.  However, I could never grasp the concept of dressing for weather below 30 degrees ( -1c).

It's really hard for me to run in snow and extreme low temperatures. One particular winter in Ogunquit we had a lot snow, and the roads were not adequate to run on for weeks. However,  I was able to run on the hard packed sand of Ogunquit Beach.  The ever reliable twice daily tides washed away the copious amounts of snow which enabled me to meet my running requirements.
Christmas day in Ogunquit 1:00pm from Marginal Way. Photo Courtesy of BT.

As a child growing up in Somerville, my mother would dress me up in my "snow suit" in winter, and tell me to go out side and play. Because I hated the cold so much, I would stand in the hallway between our apartment and my Nona's apartment for hours.

As an adult, I really enjoy a "tropical" Christmas. It's something I always wanted from Santa. Some people "dream of a white Christmas", as a child I dreamed of a Christmas with a WHITE sandy beach! As an adult my Christmas wish came true!

Christmas Morning, Fort Lauderdale Beach. Post run.

Seven mile run on Fort Lauderdale Beach, and Christmas by the pool in Wilton Manors on Christmas day.

Nothing says Christmas,  like a vintage silver 1950's Christmas tree in south Florida....

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  1. A Very Happy Christmas to you and Mike from the great cold of Upstate NY.