Friday, December 10, 2010

Swimming in Winter

Being a native New Englander I should enjoy winter sports and recreation, however I don't. I've tried them all: skiing, and skating. These activities are just too cold for me. So I gravitate to warmer activities.  I spend the winter months in warmer climates, where I can swim and continue to run.
My love for swimming developed as a child. Living in Somerville, Massachusetts, we did not have a beach; however my dad took me for swim lessons at the YMCA on Highland Avenue in Somerville. This is where I developed a fondness for swimming and all things associated with water. My aunt Santa (yes, that is her name, my father's family is Italian),  lived across the street from us, and she had a "pool". Albeit it was small. This photo was probably the first time I went "swimming" and the first time I wore a Speedo!
 As I got older, I went to summer camp in New Hampshire, Maine and Cape Cod, where swimming lessons continued. I spent many summer weeks on Long Island Maine as a kid, and continued to swim in cold Atlantic waters.

What I like best about swimming is the rhythmic cadence of laps. I find swimming laps to be relaxing and hypnotic. Its a different than other aerobic sports. With swimming you can swim solo, or with other people.  You can swim in the ocean or pool. Even on a cold day in Florida, its always warmer in the ocean or pool!

The ocean water is rarely below 70 degrees (22c) in the wintertime (today's ocean water temp was 75 degrees, 24c), so there is rarely an excuse to not swim, especially since my pool is heated to 81 (27c). The pool where swim practice is held is also heated to that temperture.

I have my father to thank for my love of swimming. It was he who took the time, to see to it that I knew how to swim as a child. Thanks Dad!
Papa Testa grills as his kids swim!

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