Monday, March 14, 2011

Idyllic March

Beware of the Ides of March...
                              -William Shakespeare

The Ides of March may be tomorrow, but the month of March in south Floida is quite Idyllic and nothing to be afraid of....
My winter routine is quite basic: run, swim, rest, repeat. The weather has been so nice this year, that my morning runs are usually without a shirt; just shorts and  my running shoes. Today's post run is spent fueling up on breakfast, and getting ready to swim with Hammerhead Aquatics with Coach John.

Today's noon swim workout was at Sunrise School:
Swim 400 yards
Kick 200 yards
Kick 25 yards, swim 25 yards x 8 at 1.10 minutes.
Swim pool mile with pool buoy:
11 lengths 275 yards 20 second rest
10 lengths 250 yards 20 second rest
09 lenghts 225 yards 20 second rest
08 lengths 200 yards 20 second rest
07 lengths 175 yards 20 second rest
06 lengths 150 yards 20 second rest
05 lenghts 125 yards 20 second rest
04 lengths 100 yards 15 second rest
03 lenghts 75   yards 10 second rest
02 lenghts 50 yards   10 second rest
1  length    25 yards -hit the showers!
Total: 1650 yards or one pool mile + 1000 yards grand total 2650 yards....
Equipment: Speedo bathing suit, goggles,  pool buoy, kick board, 15 sunblock!
Now, its time to rest.........
My time is winding down in this idyllic place, and soon we will be heading back to idyllic Maine for yet another season.
Blogger/Innkeeper/runner Gorio prepares for another run along  route A1A, and Fort Lauderdale Beach......

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