Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Surf & Turf

While I am swimming I sing songs in mind.
-Alexander Popov
Running has been my primary sport for almost a decade.  However, I do enjoy masters swimming with Hammerhead Aquatics while staying in Fort Lauderdale for the winter. Today I decided to run an easy 5.5 miles on  Route A1A sidewalk next to Lauderdale beach. Followed by noon swim practice at Pompano Aquatic Center with the Hammerhead's. Today's pool was set for the 50 meter long course!

Run: 5.56 miles 51 minutes,
Equipment: New Balance 920 running shoes, shorts, no shirt, IPOD, Garmin watch.
Morning Temperature 75 degrees, wind from the north east, sunny. Nice easy run.

Swim workout:
Pool temperature: 80 degrees
Air temperature: 79 degrees
400 meter, 200 meter kick- Warm-up
8 x 50 m kick/build @ 1.10 minute
6 x 50 m freestyle @ 1.10 minute
3 100 m easy @ 3 minutes, easy recovery
6 x 50 m freestyle @ 1.10 minute
3 x 100 m @ 3 minutes, easy recovery
Total: 2200 meters
Equipment: Speedo suit, fins, goggles and a great attitude!
Coach John Grzeszczak

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