Saturday, April 2, 2011

Quahogs on the shore...

Nor'easter storm stirs ocean floor
as quahogs land and
seagulls feast and explore

It's funny how one day can make a difference! Yesterdays April fools storm is long gone, but some remnants remain. The nor'easter stirred the ocean floor and delivered  fresh bounty of large quahogs on Ogunquit beach. The 2011 winter also stirred the ever changing parabolic barrier dunes.

The barrier island that is Ogunquit beach is unique to Maine. Maine has 3500 miles of coastline, and only a handful of pristine sandy white beaches like Ogunquit. The winter storms have caused erosion to these fragile dunes.
The iconic dune landbridge empties to a dramitically lower beach. The 2011 winter stoms sliced the fragile dunes....
Yesterday's wild ocean stirred the quahogs and exposed them during today's afternoon low tide.

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  1. It seems we had more Nor'easters this Winter than the last several...we got quite a bit of snow in Upstate NY that was "spun" back off the Atlantic via New England. Are there any statistics on this Winter v. average number of storms for Ogunquit? It seems that the photos of the damage to the dunes seems much worse than what I remember from other years.