Saturday, June 18, 2011

Christian's Lifeguard Dash

I've done many races here in Maine, Florida and abroad. Often times the races are for a charity, and in someones memory. Today I did Christian's Lifeguard Dash.  I knew Christian Lumenello. This was the first race that I participated in and actually knew the person.

Christian Lumenello was a lifeguard, surfer, athlete and student. He lived in Ogunquit Maine along with his brothers and mother. I saw Christian grow up from a little boy in his mother's ice cream shop to a full fledged lifeguard on Ogunquit Beach. His mother, Laura Rose, owns a popular cafe and ice cream shop, and the family lives up above the shop. On the night of September 11, 2010, Christian was tragically involved in a motor vehicle crash, and passed away at 16.
Today in his memory, his mother, father and many friends sponsored this 5k race in his name. Proceeds from the race will go towards scholarships to certify Ogunquit lifeguards. Christian was credited in many ocean rescues from distressed swimmers. The 5 kilometer race was held on Ogunquit beach at low tide. Christian's mother, Laura Rose started the race with yoga poses and stretches.

There were over 253 runners, walkers and many more spectators gathered on Ogunquit beach for this certified 5 kilometer race. At the first mile marker my pace was 6.38 minutes. On the way back there was a slight head wind. The sand was a bit soft, and there were smaller tidal pools to run through.

I clocked in at 21.02. Not my best race, but not bad nonetheless. I really wanted sub 21 minute. I was 13th out of 253 registered runners. I also came in first in my age bracket.  There was a young woman that was ahead of me. She clocked in at one second earlier. She was clearly a good runner. After finishing the race, I later learned that she has a stress fracture, and went back to her crutches!

Elite runner, Bobby Winn, races for the finish line with one of his past students, Igore. Igore is a student at Wells High School. Bobby Winn is also a selectman for the town of Ogunquit and helped set the course.

Two of my guests at Ogunquit Beach Inn also participated in the 5k race. Jodi won a medal for top female in her age category!

Blogger, Innkeeper, and Ogunquit enthusiast GreGorio  customarily collapses after crossing the finish line....

Photos courtesy of Matty B.
Timing on Coolrunning.

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