Friday, July 1, 2011

Ogunquit Fire Company Museum

Ogunquit is known for the Ogunquit Museum of American Art and the Ogunquit Heritage Museum,
but there is one museum that is in plain view that people often overlook.....

The Ogunquit Fire Company Museum is located on the corner of Shore Road and Cottage Street next to the Fire Station.  This miniature museum houses an antique fire engine and other accoutrement from a bygone era.

The engine is a horse drawn steam boiler from 1883 called Little Lulu.  Little Lulu was manufactured by the Button Fire Engine Company of Waterford New York. The Engine was made for the Reading Massachusetts Fire Dept. In 1966, the steam engine was given to the Ogunquit Fire Company by retired Reading Fire Chief Hugh Ames.  Ames retired in Ogunquit and became a member of the Fire Company.

The engine was coal fired, and three horses were needed to pull the steamer. Lulu could pump 500 gallons per minute with the piston pump. The original cost of the steam engine was $500 in 1883. The estimated value is now @ $1,000,000.

Also housed at this micro museum, is a collection of firemen's hats from days gone by; a collection of trophies from fire musters that Ogunquit Fire Company has participated in, and other fire related apparatus. The museum is located in Firemen's Park next to the Fire Station.

Today's firefighters in Ogunquit are trained professionals that serve a four square mile town with up to 50,000 visitors a day. The Fire Department and Company respond to medical, rescue and fire calls. The Company also sells unique Ogunquit Fire Company Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirts for $15.

Ogunquit Square in flames.