Friday, July 29, 2011

Ogunquit's Richard Perkins

Restaurateur, writer, and Ogunquit native Richard Perkins is truly an Ogunquit institution. He single handily brought fine dining to Oguquit over 50 years ago mixing local fare with Continental flare....

His restaurant, Poor Richards Tavern was a mainstay for locals and visitors alike. His restaurant inspired many other fine dining establishments in Ogunquit.

Richard was not only a foodie, but he was also a keen observer of life in Ogunquit. He wrote many stories, poems and odes about the fabled little town of Ogunquit.

Here is one ode that I particularly like:

Ode To Dear Old Ogunquit

If I had a preference for an avocation
I’d select Ogunquit for a perpetual vacation
It isn’t very big but offers an awful lot
I’m inclined below to offer some bon-mots!


Our beautiful beach with its soft white sand
Probably the finest in the land
The Marginal Way will take your breath away
When you stroll it at any time of day


Certainly most unique is Perkins Cove
A charming place for one to rove
Shops and restaurants and lobster boats
With an eye catching footbridge that seems to float

The Ogunquit Museum of American art
Its breathtaking view will give you a start!
A fabulous and diversified art collection
Truly an Ogunquit perfection!

The Winn House Museum on Obeds Lane
A restored old house of Ogunquit fame
Featuring the towns history on display
Once your inside you’ll want to stay

The beautiful Ogunquit Playhouse of renown
The first thing you see when coming to town
Stars on the stage and in the audience too
When in Ogunquit it is the thing to do!


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