Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ogunquit viewed through a different lens

It's fun to see how people from "away" view Ogunquit. Yes, they take pictures of the  beach, Marginal Way, and other sites throughout this bustling village. However,  people from away often see things different, or see things in plain view that local people in Ogunquit do not take notice.

One frequent visitor is Dean. Dean hails from upstate New York. Dean travels to Ogunquit at least 4 times a year, catching each season, and enjoying all it has to offer. Dean is very much a keen observer to Ogunquit's beauty.
The welcoming sun shines over School Street and another day in the village begins.  Often when Dean stays in Ogunquit, I will join him for an early morning 6 mile run.

 As local people know, and  seasoned visitors like Dean know, this is best part of the day. The beach is crisp, there is an absence of people and vistas are amazing. The early morning sun glistens on the wet untouched sand on the beach. This is the making of fine photography!

Photography is being at the right place at the right time, and playing with light.  Dean wanders through town and catches a parachuter enjoying the July 4th festivities.....

One location features Lions,


And Bears,.........oh my!
Not all Bears are found in the village centre's watering holes, bars and disco's. Some are found at the  Ogunquit Museum of Art in the sculpture gardens. The museum is well worth the visit. The views are amazing, the sculpture gardens entertaining, and the building is a piece of mid-century architecture.

All photographs taken by Dean Rogers using an Apple iPhone.

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