Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ogunquit through the lens of Photographer Dan Perez

Dan is a frequent visitor to Ogunquit Maine. He enjoys the beach, nightlife and all Ogunquit has to offer. Dan is also an accomplished photographer. The spectrum of Dan's subjects range from: still life imagery, underbelly figurative subjects to burlesque stars from a bygone era.

Much of Dan's photographs captures a story or a moment in every day life. Simple pleasures by the beach or street scenes are some of his themes.
Dan sees things that are "overlooked" by the average "eye".

Darker light and strong textures are a constant theme in Dan's work. Both in his figurative imagery and in his "tourist" scenic imagery.
Dan grew up in the Boston's Italian North End. Dan draws much of his inspiration from his childhood in the North End. In the North End, nautical themes are juxtaposed  to tightly woven streets with characters lurking at every corner. This is also true about Ogunquit!

The tides play an important role in Ogunquit. The dramatic high tide brings in the cool north Atlantic water, and the low tide slips back into the ocean, along with the fog.

Light and texture paint the sky.

Ogunquit Beach Inn at night captured by Dan.

Dan Perez Relaxes in Ogunquit Maine with Burlesque Starlette, April March. Dan current project is documenting, and writing a book about burlesque stars of the 1950's & 1960's Dan's work cab be found on Facebook and

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