Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Hype....

Living in Maine, we are accustomed to having foul weather: blizzards, snow storms, nor'easters, and yes the occasional tropical storm/hurricane.

(before and after pictures from Sunday afternoon  and Monday afternoon.)

Since last Wednesday, newsmen, weathermen and commentators have been busy clogging the airwaves hypothesizing Irene's path and potential danger. Irene did strike western New England as a tropical storm. There was damage in western New England with flooding and fallen trees.

Here in Ogunquit, we prepared for the worse. Stores, business, and beach  were closed. All lawn furniture and signs were removed. The town looked more like December with warmer weather.

I went for a run on the beach on Sunday morning. There was no rain, and the wind was moderate. The most peculiar thing I noticed is that there were MANY birds on the beach.  Florida natives will tell you that birds are a good sign. If birds flee, that is a good indication that you may get hit by a fierce storm of hurricane. I realized after my run, that this was hurricane hype that the media was feeding us. This post Katrina hype was also selling a lot of ad space on I still prepared for the worse, and battened the hatches!

The good thing about bad weather in Maine, is that it doesn't last too long.

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