Friday, September 16, 2011

Lobsters in Ogunquit. It's a way of life....

People from all over the world come to Maine and Ogunquit for Lobster! Lobsters are a way of life in Ogunquit Maine. From the lobstermen that go out every morning to haul their catch, to all the restaurants  and purveyors that serve the delicious crustacean.

Many visitors also like to take lobster home with them. Live lobsters can live up to 48 hours after they've been purchased, provided that they are in a container with moist seaweed or newspaper.

One such place is Beach Plum Lobster Farm on  US Route One. This purveyor not only sells fresh lobsters, clams and oysters, and packs them live for transport;  but also steams the shellfish to perfection.  Patrons can dine outside in the rough on picnic tables or take the steamed lobsters home and enjoy!

I was invited to Bobby Winn's house for lobster. Like many local people, Bobby pre-ordered several dozen lobsters from David at Beach Plum Lobster Farm in Ogunquit. David steamed them to perfection! We enjoyed a lobster feast, with all the necessary Maine ingredients.  Bobby's fiance, Diane, made traditional chowder, corn and pies for the special late summer feast.
This is how we do it in Maine.....

Our friend Mark went  to Ft Lauderdale today,  and I had him carry on some lobsters to give to a mutual friend who is desiring Maine lobsters.  David, of Beach Plum Lobster Farm packed the lobsters  in a carry-on cooler with ice packs. The item was the perfect size to stow in the overhead compartment in the airplane.

The Details:
Beach Plum Lobster Farm
615 Main Street , US Route One
Ogunquit, ME 03907
Fresh lobster, clams, oysters and other seafood. Dine-outside. Live lobsters to go. 

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