Friday, December 9, 2011

The Common Good

Unless we work for the Common Good, there won't be any...

Public beaches,  parks, libraries and public pools are some of the simple things that I enjoy.  In my lifetime these attractions have always been part of "my community".  I have always taken advantage of these public "institutions" and never have taken them for granted. These places provide recreation, entertainment and enjoyment for the public good.

During these times of cutbacks, and "slash and burn" tax anger, we need to re-think the rolls that these places provide for the common good of the community.

As a child my parents instilled in me the importance of taking advantage of these attractions. Virtually everyday I am on the beach, Marginal Way, in a library or at a public pool. I can not imagine life without these great American treasures.

Many of these public treasures are in "plain view" and many do not see them every day. Many communities have public tennis courts, baseball fields, and other recreation venues. As a public we need to see beyond the grind of our daily lives and realize  the importance that these places provide for the common good.

So many people are angry with Wall Street and the one percent. Instead of occupying Wall Street, lets "occupy" beaches, parks, pools and libraries. Lets use these  institutions before we loose them. Taking advantage of public beaches, parks is for the Common Good.

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