Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Marginal Way.....

The Marginal Way is an attraction in Ogunquit. Its one of the most beautiful walks in Maine, and a must see while you are in Ogunquit.

The Marginal Way starts on Shore Road ( about a three minute walk from the Inn ). Its an old Indian tail that meanders along the rocky coast of Ogunquit.

From the start of Marginal Way you can see the dramatic coast line of Ogunquit Beach. Ogunquit Beach is unique because of the soft white sands and the dramatic tides. The beach is actually a barrier island. The contrast of the Carribean like beach and rocky coast is awesome!

Marginal Way showcases the rocky coastline of Maine. Jagged cliffs reach out into the Atlantic, where waves crash against the majestic rocks.

Along the path, there is native Scrub Pine, Beach Roses and Cedar trees. In the summer the path has a pungent scent of Honeyscukle.

The cliffs were formed by glaciers from the last ice age.

The walk is one mile and a quarter long and leads to Perkins Cove. Sometimes after I run on the beach, I will do and extra "Marginal Way Loop" to my running route, especially if its early.

Hikers, birdwatchers, runners, and lovers all enjoy the Marginal Way. There are small tide pools, little beaches, and benches along the path to enjoy.

Ogunquit Beach Inn

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumn Colors, Ogunquit style.....

Its the season of autumn that the local people seem to love the most. Long walks on uncrowded beaches. Quiet time to reflect life in a village that bustles in the summer time, and becomes sleepy and relaxed in the fall. As the colors of the trees change, so do the colors on the beach.
The late afternoon sky cast a spectrum of blues, grays and red.....

The beach plums cast an autumnal glow to the sand dunes...

I am at the beach usually a couple of times a day. Usually once in the
morning for a run. I like how the sun emerges over the Atlantic and wakes the town.

I like to walk the beach around sunset, when the bright sun slips beneath  the tidal dunes, and the day evolves into night.

Ogunquit Beach Inn

Monday, September 28, 2009

You say tomato, I say.....lets eat 'em!

We don't have much room for vegetable garden but we do grow some tomatoes. This was the wettest June in Portland history with more rainy days than sunny days. This was a challenge for tomatoes! The vines were moldy in July and the the growing season was a bit delayed. August weather was warm and sunny and September has been surprisingly nice. Here is the batch of tomatoes that I harvested today! I guess Mike will be making some sauce for pasta!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Staying Green in a Craftsman B&B

Ogunquit Beach Inn is a four square 1926 craftsman Bed & Breakfast. Mike & Greg bought the Inn in 1997, and there were many challenges with updating and re-modelling. All the windows were replaced with eco-friendly double pane, windows that allow natural light and keep out ultra violet rays.
The yellow plastic siding was replaced with wood clapboard and a eco-friendly stain was used.

Many rooms have the original hardwood floors that were restored with period oriental rugs.

Lighting was replaced with energy effecient lightbulbs. We also participate in the "Clynk" recycle program. This past winter, we traded the Jeep SUV, and got a Subaru Forester. I think the Subaru just makes more sense!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lobster Dash 5 Mile Race

The Lobster Dash was held today on Ogunquit Beach. This unique race is a 5 mile race at low tide on Ogunquit Beach. The day was perfect: not a cloud in the sky, no wind, sunny skies.

At the end of the race participants receive a medal, and lobster roll.  Pre-registered runners get a cool shirt.

I ran this race, and placed 14th overall and 3rd in my age category. My time was 35.11/ pace of 7.03 minutes per mile.

Lobster Dash 

I received a trophy, medal, t-shirt and lobster roll!

Ogunquit Beach Inn, a 1926 craftsman B&B located in the village centre in Ogunquit Maine.

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