Saturday, January 9, 2010

Side trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina

With the B&B closed for the winter, November is when we start to travel! I decided to visit my good friend Jay in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jay usually rents a condo in Buenos Aires for a month or two. This year he rented a condo on Ave Santa Fe in Barrio Norte, which is close to the Recoleta neighborhood.

The Condo was modern and located on the 11th floor. Here is a view at night from the balcony.
Avenida de Santa Fe is one of the busiests streets in Buenos Aires. Its five lanes of traffic and a busy commercial district. Ave Santa Fe has numerous restaurants, bars, cafe's and stores!

November is late spring and the Jacaranda trees were in full bloom.
Eating in Buenos Aires is quite a  gastronomical  experience. The country is blessed with an abundance of food. Beef rules, with pasta also reining. Fifty percent of Argentina claims Italian ancestry; so Italian food is quite common and good. Breakfast is light, usually an espresso and a "medialuna" ( croissant).
This dish of ravioli and calamari is my lunch!  Wine is cheaper than bottled bottle water!

"Merienda" is between 5 and 6 o'clock. Strong espresso served with a light snack or cookie is what the "Porteños" enjoy. Virtually all cafe's and fast food places serve a snack with coffee.
Dinner is always after 10pm ( and midnight on weekends!).  Most restaurants do not open till 8pm. The days are long in Buenos Aires and the nights are longer!

Eating "Fugazza" pizza at midnight with soda water from the old syphons...Life is good in Buenos Aires!

Blogger/Innkeeper Greg & Jay enjoy late night Pizza

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