Saturday, January 16, 2010


While in Buenos Aires I decided to take the Buquebus to Colonia Uruguay for a quick trip.  The  Rio de la Plata separates Argentina and Uruguay. It is about 50 kilometers from Buenos Aires across the river.

Even though its across the river, it is a world of difference from Buenos Aires. Colonia is the oldest town in Uruguay, settled by the Portuguese.  It is also World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO. The streets are tree lined, the houses are Spanish/Portuguese colonial, and the pace is tranquil compared to Buenos Aires. The houses along the river have a Mediterranean  feel. There is an "arts" district and a lively commercial district.

There is a Lighthouse that guards the port. From the top of the Lighthouse, you can see  faintly see the skyline of Buenos Aires across the river.
A "dining" Car?

 I was able to trade a "gorra" with the local Sargento! At the Comisaria de la Policia. The summer hats just came in!

I realized that on my next trip to South America I need to spend more time in Uruguay and explore Montevideo and Punta del Este. I really enjoyed the people and the feel of the country!

Urugauy, another country with a "smiling" sun on its flag!

There is also an Olympic size public pool in Colonia. As soon as I discovered this, I realized I could spend some serious time here!

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  1. For a small country, beaches are big in Uruguay. The South American nation has more than 400 miles of coastline, according to the Uruguay Ministry of Tourism. I travelled there for a weekend when I was in Argentina. I had decided to rent apartments in buenos aires and thanks to that, I was able to leave all my stuff there and only take a backpack to go to Uruguay for a weekend. I have to say it is very similar to Argentina, but people are different in terms of personality. Argentineans are a little bit more outgoing!