Thursday, May 27, 2010

Leavitt Fine Arts Theatre of Ogunquit

Audiences are the same all over the word, and if you entertain them, they'll respond ~ Liza Minelli
There is nothing like an old movie house. Most towns in north America had a movie house. A place to go an escape and be entertained. Ogunquit still has such an institution, the Leavitt Fine Arts Theatre. This big wooden theatre was built in 1923. Its owned and managed by the Clayton Family. Maureen sells the tickets, Peter works the concession stand, and their son, Max entertains patrons with his band before the start of the film. This is not your "Big Box" multiplex on the highway. This is the movies like it was 50 years ago. Its one of my favorite pastimes for a summers evening....

The Leavitt theatre showcases first run films; tonight was the Ogunquit premiere of "Sex and the City Part II". The movie was entertaining: Stanford & Anthony get married in an "over-the-top" gay wedding. It's really a gay wedding when Liza Minelli officiates the ceremony, and does a musical rendition of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" with two male back-up dancers dressed as Liza Minelli. The movie was pure escapism and fun. You know its really a gay night, when you're in Ogunquit to see "Sex and the City II", and Carson Kressley is there also.

 The Leavitt Fine Arts Theatre is a trip back into time. The movie house still uses the vintage tickets from yesteryear.  There is one screen, and one theatre (as opposed to multiple rooms). There is usually one showing per night. Most patrons walk to the theatre, easily located in the village centre.
The Leavitt is filled with happy memories, nostalgic images and ephemera from movie legends.

Max Clayton plays guitar and brother Ian serves faux Cosmos for the opening of Sex and the City II
The Details:
Leavitt Fine Arts Theatre
259 Main Street Ogunquit, ME
207.646.3123  Join Them On FaceBook
Free Parking across the Street
One showing per night @ 8:00 pm
Matinees on rain days
Price $9, ( cheaper for seniors and kids)
Concession stand with Pop Corn & Candy.
Thumbs up for Sex and the City, it may be a "Chick Flick" but its worth seeing, pure entertainment and over the top. Worth seeing! We give it "thumbs up"

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