Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Solar Energy

Watch a sunrise at least once a year. 
From "Life's Little Instructions" by H. Jackson Brown

Its amazing how the sun energizes me. The sun in Ogunquit is brilliant in May & June. I was on the beach at 4:30 this morning listening to the sounds of nature as it prepares for the upcoming day. A dawn chorus of birds cast a symphony of sounds, as the tide gently rolls in. At about 5:09 am the sun peaked above the horizon on the east, and a blaze of red illuminated the sky. Its great how unspoiled the beach is at low tide during a sunrise. There are more birds than people at 5 am. An Ogunquit sunrise is a fresh beginning, a new start.....a fresh breath to a new day!

Its a simple pleasure that should be enjoyed. Watching the sun rise above Ogunquit beach. Something I try to do, at least once a week in the summer.

The artists that have been painting in Ogunquit for over 100 years are mesmerized by the brilliant sunlight as it dapples over the Atlantic.

A tired (and unshaven Greg) enjoys the first sunrise of the summer season.
Greg lives and works in Ogunquit Maine, co-owns Ogunquit Beach Inn with Mike and two Cocker Spaniels

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