Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lilacs in Ogunquit....

Spring is natures way of saying "Lets Party" - Robin Williams

The scent of the sea is always omnipresent in Ogunquit, however in the month of May,  the town is awash with the fragrant smell of lilacs! This year the lilacs have bloomed early. Lilacs usually bloom in late May around Memorial Day Weekend, this year it was early May, about three weeks earlier than normal. Lilacs are one of the first smells of spring.

There have been lilacs in Maine for over three centuries. The British introduced them to New England. They originally came from Asia via Turkey. The Lilac shrub/tree can live for over 100 years and are quite hardy. The common lilac in Maine is the purpler Syringa vulgaris.
On east side of  Ogunquit Beach Inn, a  forest of  lilac bushes stands up to 12 feet tall.  The flowers are so heavy that they hang down from the tree.

The early bloom of lilacs signals us that it is time to plant the annuals, window boxes and hanging baskets! Mike spent the morning planting and  preparing the hanging baskets.

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