Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Atlantic

The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea
-Isak Dinesen

Running on the beach in the morning, next to the ocean is therapeutic. The rising sun over the ocean warms my body as I run along the hard packed sand of Ogunquit beach.  Yes, its tough to get motivated. You have to stretch and get out in the cooler autumn air, but once I start moving my by arms, legs, and feet and breath the cool ocean air, I  know it will be a great day....

Running near the ocean can cure a litany of problems. As a child growing up near the ocean, I can remember my mother telling me to "get into the salt water, It will heal your boo boos."  I believed it, and I still believe it today. The scratches, bruises and scrapes of childhood would somehow feel better after bathing in the Atlantic ocean. My mother would say this as she sat on the beach and watched the ebb and flow of the tides. Yes, the ocean does cure, and its these little lessons I learned a lifetime ago from my mother that I do cherish.


  1. I have Ocean envy...My late Mum also said many similar things about the healing of the Sea. I took her on her last vacation as her health declined to Provincetown Labor Day weekend 1997. At the end of her life, Alan and I traveled to Ogunquit (stayed at OBI) for Columbus Day Weekend 2001...I asked her to come along, she was weak and I thought I would get her lodging and the Sea would heal her...and give me more time. She didn't make the trip and passed at Thanksgiving. One of the reasons we try to visit that weekend, and now with Alan's family and for Alan's Grandmother...who is forever part of Ogunquit by the Sea. I too cherish the memories of the mighty Atlantic.