Saturday, September 25, 2010

Summer Continues......

                                           September days are here,
                                           With summer’s best of weather
                                           And autumn’s best of cheer
                                                      - Helen Hunt Jackson
Pumpkins, cornstalks and mums populate Ogunquit in early autumn, but summer temperatures reign today, so its beach chairs and sunbathing!

With extremely warm weather today, I decided to take a stroll on the Marginal Way.  The path is only a couple of minutes walk from Ogunquit Beach Inn, and meanders the rocky coast for over a mile. This mornings temperature is 74 degrees ( 23 Celsius) at 8am, and daytime highs will be 82 degrees ( 28 Celsius). Summers breath runs deep this year, and plants continue to bloom and sustain. There are lilac bushes in bloom along the Marginal way.....usually the lilacs bloom in May.

The best time to walk the Marginal Way is in the morning. The vistas of the barrier island, Ogunquit beach are amazing. At low tide the beach can stretch for an extra 200 metres.

Plants along the Marginal Way continue to entertain the eye.

The rock formations are amazing with different types of boulders, stones and cliffs. The smooth stones along some of the small coves reveals the the constant tidal changes of tens of  thousands of years.

A variety of stone cairns populate the Marginal Way and watch the ebb and flow of the constant tides.......

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