Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunrise Marginal Way

The Marginal Way, I don’t think it’s marginal at all! That’s a terrible name for it. It’s got such gorgeous views of the ocean. If I had to rename it, I‘d rename it “Spectacular Way.”
                                                   -Carson Kressley

Sunrise September 20th 2010. The Marginal Way, Ogunquit Maine.

Yes, the Marginal Way is anything but marginal, it  is spectacular. I am often on the Marginal Way for my morning run. Sometimes I will walk the Marginal Way in the late afternoon before sunset.  This old Indian trail starts in Ogunquit Village centre on Shore Road ( near Cottage Street) meanders to Perkins Cove on the "margin" of the ocean.

Hurricane Igor may be several hundred miles away in the north Atlantic, but the thundering surf pounds the rocky cliffs of the Marginal Way.

The contrast between the craggy coastal rocks  and the smooth rocks in the various coves is as dramatic as night and day.....I enjoy the solitude at sunrise. Its amazing that this is public way, for all to enjoy.
The awakening red sky offers many opportunities for an great day in Ogunquit Maine!

Another sunrise on the Marginal Way, now its time to get breakfast ready for awakening guests at Ogunquit Beach Inn.

Blogger/Innkeeper/Runner/LEO Greg enjoys life in Ogunquit Maine!

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  1. What a Great Quote, one on the most beautiful walks in the World, IS on the Marginal Way. However, I must say, the only way I will ever be on the Marginal Way at Dawn, would be someone scattering my ashes....