Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chopstix Chinese Restaurant Review- Wilton Manors

Mike and I like to get take-away Asian food one night a week or so.  South Florida is not known for great Chinese food. At best, Chinese food is marginal in Fort Lauderdale. Yes, there are various Thai restaurants in Lauderdale and Wilton Manors, and many other ethnic food haunts, but finding a good Chinese restaurant is an arduous task...

Today we decided to try a new Chinese restaurant that opened up this month in Wilton Manors. The name is a bit kitschy: Chopstix

The restaurant is located in five points section of Wilton Manors, near hot spots like: Rosie's and Starbucks. The establishment is in a strip plaza with  five tables. Virtually all orders are take-out.

The best part is that you can peak into the kitchen and see owner, Ken cooking away.  Ken hails form mainland China and is new to south Florida. His cuisine is american-ized New York style Chinese take-away. Owner Ken was eager to show me through his clean kitchen, Samantha, his helper informed me that they do not use MSG. Basically, Chopstix is a take-out kitchen; there is no liquor license and no servers.

Pround owner, Ken shows me his kitchen!

I tried the Mongolian Chicken. I was informed that this is one of the house specialities. The chicken was thinly sliced and served  with on a bed of noodles with onions and scallions with a sweet sauce. Mike got the Shrimp Hunan. This dish had fresh shrimp and fresh vegetables with a brown sauce with a "kick".

Mike also tried the Beef with Broccoli. the vegetables were fresh and the portion was ample.
Overall, we enjoyed Chopstix and look forward to trying other items.

The Details:
2603 N Dixie Hwy
Wilton Manors, FL 33334
Telephone: 954 563 9902

Take-out restaurant. Prices are modest. There are coupons in the take-out menu. Open 7 days a week.
Most major credit cards are accepted. Chopstix has an extensive menu with traditional American take-out Chinese items, and they do provide customers with customary take-out chopsticks!


  1. Thanks so much for posting this. Tried the place tonight and your review was right on. Good food, very CLEAN place, and nice staff. Found my new Chinese restaurant!

  2. They don't have an online menu yet, They carry standard Chinese take-away

  3. Wish they did deliveries