Monday, January 10, 2011

Pompano Beach

I am often in Pompano at the Aquatic Center for swim practice, but rarely make it to the beach in Pompano, so today I decided to check out Pompano Beach!
The greater Ft Lauderdale area has many beaches stretching from Deerfield to Hallandale. Pompano Beach is north of Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Pompnao Beach is right off of A1A north, with plenty of metered parking. The beach is almost never crowded.
The beach is wide with small dunes, and stretches for miles. The sand is soft, and the water is warm (because the gulf stream bends and goes right through Pompano and Ft Lauderdale Beach).

There are many types of birds, that forage around the dunes and pelicans galore. This pelican was sitting on the fishing pier waiting for leftover scraps!

Pompano is named after the saltwater fish that is native to the south Florida ocean. On the pier there is fishing and sightseers. The beach also has bathrooms and a concession stand.

 The water is deep in Pompano and there are plenty of lifeguards!
I like being near or in the ocean. I thank my mother and father for my love of the sea. Since I wash a child, I have always been within a few miles ( feet from the ocean!).

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