Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

The first ray of light shines as a welcoming beacon!
Challenges and new adventures lie ahead,
As revelers ring and cheer the new year.
my resolutions remain clear:
My mind, body and spirit to remain free for one more year.

My desire  for wanderlust is always there,
it carries me to new places, and back to familiar faces.
The sun will guide my feet from shore to sea with fun and velocity.

Freedom is strength  that enables me to  see truth and integrity.
yet,  the same freedom blinds and binds oh, so many....
With distractions of cerebral noise that clogs their sensors, that disables many from simple pleasures.
Yet, I strive to keep  my body and mind clean from lethargy,
as I  search the earth to discover life's simple treasures....

Happy new year 2011

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